Formula Car Races Around the Nürburgring in Snow!


You thought driving your winter beater around a corner in a blizzard was cool? Well watch this Formula driver take on the Nürburgring covered in snow like a boss!

Formula racing is high speed, extremely intense and very dangerous. Well a Nürburgring Driving Academy instructor said the hell with all that, and went out in -16 degree weather in a Formula car! The car is equipped with a few cameras, some snow tires, and a badass driver. He approaches every corner a lot faster than we expected and goes down the straights fearlessly for the conditions! This is the first Formula car we’ve ever seen in snow and were glad to see it on a track. What better way to test how capable these cars are in winter conditions? Maybe some of the pros will use a Formula car as there winter beaters 😛 We all agreed we wouldn’t mind taking a lap around the Nürburgring while covered in snow. Looks like fun!



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