Firefighters Accidentally Push Flaming Car Down A Hill!


Well how was he supposed to know it wasn’t in park!? The dang thing was on fire! Those hoses are powerful!

Firefighters have one of the craziest jobs on the planet! Fighting mother nature on the daily! Well when this car was reported to be on fire, I’m sure they weren’t guessing something like this would happen. They really cannot be blamed for incident, it was almost impossible for them to know it was going to roll. You’ll have to watch and see, but when this car gets rolling, it gains some speed! Imagine coming around the corner at the end of that road and seeing a flaming car flying down the hill at you. It’s also not clear what the fire ball car drills at the bottom of the street, but it hits hard! An unfortunate day for the owner of that car, at least it can’t get much worse!



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