Fear your Car Getting Towed? You’ll Hate Watching This!!!

Anyone with a car fears having their car towed, but this driver got it the worst! Parked in Sydney, Australia the driver of this Ford Falcon is probably going to be clueless or really mad when they come outside to their car parked across the street. The thing that frustrates us is that the car is really parked legally, contrary to most article’s beliefs. Regardless, the overly confident workers needed more room in the street to move a truck through, so why not use their forklift and a piece of cardboard?!?

As far as damages to the car, we don’t know if there’s any, but we can only assume some things were bent! Sticking two giant metal forks under someones car is just asking to roll it on its roof, or do some serious damage to its undercarriage. Not cool Aussies!


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Video Duration: 2:31