When a video starts with the sharpening of 25mm tire spikes strapped to a 175hp street bike, you know you’re in for a good time! The StuntFreaksTeam put together this EPIC video and we all had to watch it twice! This could possibly the most badass way to have fun on a lake. Using explosions a UTV and a street bike all at once is the perfect way to spend your holiday season! The guy on the bike is fearless! He drifts back and forth in front of the UTV like a boss. We couldn’t imagine what would happen if he fell on that bad boy and got caught up in the tires… that would hurt.

The bike and UTV probably would have been enough to make an awesome video, but the fact that they threw in some movie like giant explosions is just perfect! The addition of the ice fisher was pretty funny and what other way could you bring grenades into a video like this? We approve Stunt Freaks and we want to see more!


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