Epic Fail… Cleetus Gets GAPPED By a Sleeper Minivan

Four Cylinder minivan Vs 1000HP V8!

We’ve seen the boostedboiz before and we’ve seen Cleetus and Leroy countless times. Both cars have a lot done to them, one is a Corvette and one is a Honda minivan. The Van makes 700+ HP and Leroy makes 1000+. The surface is the problem, you can make all the power in the world but if you don’t put it down it’s useless. This is an unprepared surface so getting out of the hole isn’t easy. They line up for a 1/2 mile race and the van gets to the finish line first. In 1/2 mile racing the only number that matters in the MPH and Cleetus was 20MPH faster each time.

Turbo VTEC Minivan RIPS On The Streets!

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