EKANOO Racing’s 6 Second Lexus ISF Crash!

So fast it tried to take flight! EKANOO makes some serious cars and this is one unfortunate ending to an insane pass!

Yesterday, Ekanoo’s pro driver Khalid Mohamed was involved in one of the wildest crashes we’ve ever seen. We’re happy to inform you that he arose from the wreckage just fine. As for the most badass ISF in the world, the car is completely destroyed. As usual, Ekanoo was breaking records and going for a CRAZY fast pass. The Lexus took off like a missile, literally with the front end lifted to the sky. It was already doing about 100mph when the nose lifted, so it instantly rose off the track. The car then veered left and slammed into the wall. The rest you’ll have to see, but this wreck is pretty violent. We’re glad everyone is ok, and we know Ekanoo has plenty more fast cars in their garage!


We apologize for the poor video quality!


Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 7.59.36 PM

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