Drone vs Rush Hour Traffic! Traffic Wins! Painful To Watch***

The only tip we can give this guy is to maybe not fly so low! LOL! It’s impossible not to cringe while watching this!

Luckily, the strength of a GoPro allows us to see what happens with this drone flight ends in complete disaster. This guy was apparently trying to get some film of rush hour traffic when he lost control of his Phantom Drone! Talk about an expensive mistake, these drones are NOT cheap. Typically $500-$1000 will get you flying in the drone world, not to mention the expensive GoPro on board. The drone clips a truck and everything from their on out is just awful to hear and watch. The sounds of expensive plastic being crushed beneath cars and trucks will surely make you cringe! On the other hand, great advertising for GoPro!


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Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 12.54.43 PM

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