This Is “Driving Lessons With LYNCHY” and It’s INSANE!


This has to be the best driving instructor in the world. We’ve never seen someone go so hard on the skid pad!



The recent SUMMERNATS event in Australia, where they have a four day horse power party, the legendary skid pad king LYNCHY put on one hell of a show! Here in the states we’ve seen some decent burnouts but the Aussies have the edge on this one. This guy literally does the rowdiest burnout we’ve ever seen. The tires make a huge cloud to the point where the camera can’t see anything and gets rubber on the lens. He also gets up to some insane speeds for such a small arena. When Lynchy does his initial skid pad entry you will not believe how fast and hard he whips the car around. The motor screams and tires smoke and it seems like he’s never going to lift. Driving lessons in Australia sure are awesome 🙂



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