Donuts in a LAMBORGHINI on Dirt and Gravel!? Because RALLY LAMBO!!!


Ever see those videos where you just think “man if only I had that car,” well this is one of those. It’s hard to watch but fun to watch at the same time. This guy takes a BEAUTIFUL orange Lamborghini Gallardo with what appears to have a Superleggera aero kit on it for a nice long donut session. You’d think a parking lot would be the right spot for that but this Lambo driver has a different plan. He goes to a run down lot full of dirt and debris including plastic chairs and big rocks and starts thrashing on the poor car! Luckily… there’s are reason behind all of this!

The car was actually bought to be stripped down and become a rally car. The company using it is called Brakim Racing, so this car is now referred to as the BRAKIMGHINI! Pretty epic but “man if I had that car” it would be sitting perfectly detailed at home right now!


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