Did Dodge Reveal The Horsepower Of The Demon?

Dodge Demon with a stock drag pack and horsepower number reveal?

So dodge is really dropping crazy hints over here about the new Demon! After a marketing campaign like this, the car better be out of this world. But it looks like it will judging by these teasers and spy shots. It looks like they show a stock drag setup in this teaser that comes with 315s! We also hear it’s going to have 800+ Hp and have a roll cage stock. It sounds like a car geared for the drag racing weekend warrior type. Someone who wants to race everyone and have a badass car but still have a warranty. It is so race intended that you can get it with a one seat option for weight reduction. They only show the Challenger so that makes us wonder about the Charger Demon…

Is that 815 the HP number of the new Demon?


Weight Reduction For The SRT Demon!

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 12.48.56 PM

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