The Demon Will Come With a High Octane Setting?!

This might be the most drag ready production car ever! Stock 8’s?

New teaser for the dodge demon just launched! This one shows someone pouring in some high octane fuel so we aren’t sure what that could be it must be a flex fuel setup or setup to run another race fuel. It has a button that says HO on it for when you fuel up for more power. If they can run a better fuel, it should give them an excellent platform for more reliable power. This brings up a slight problem if it’s E85 that’s going to be hard for a lot of people to get. If it’s racing fuel, it’s going to be expensive and also hard to find. In the last teaser, we saw what looked like methanol for cooling the Demon is going to be expensive just to fill up!

The Hellcat Just Became The Demon!

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