Crazy Road Raging Lady Attacks Grandmother And Child!


What the hell is wrong with this lady? Who in their right mind would hit an elderly lady, especially with a child involved. Didn’t seem like there was any reason for her attack either.

Wow, is all we can think when we see this lady, Kristin Leigh Phillips, attack a grandmother and child out of no where. It’s unclear why Phillips is attacking but she seems to be very angry. Luckily, the driver/victim video taped the whole thing and now Phillips is in some deep trouble! They really stuck it to Phillips which we think is awesome because she deserved it after this ridiculous attempt to beat up an elderly woman in front of a child. Phillips was charged with reckless driving, assault and battery, injury to personal property, driving left of the center line and two counts of communicating threats! We’re sure Kristin is very proud of herself at this point 😉



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