Corvette Blows Tire at a Whopping 200mph… He Got LUCKY!

Corvette has a crazy tire blowout at 200MPH!

Tire blowout at 200MPH! That’s just nuts, it must have felt so violet when it popped. The car is a C6 Z06 that looks “lightly” modded and it was on the Corsa Rally tearing it up. 200MPH is not slow on the street and depending on how long you’re going that speed for, those tires can get insanely hot and that could cause a bad time. When the tire blew up it destroyed the fender, at first glance it doesn’t look like much damage you can see the dry sump is ok and you don’t see much other stuff wrong. If you know about C6 Z06s, you know the computers are right in the fender and you can see a wire loom in the video is completely torn up so the damage could be very extensive.

Spare Tire Vs Waterjet At 60,000 PSI!

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