Cadillac Salesman Crashes CTSV on a Test Drive!

Cadillac representative tries to show off a new CTSV and ends up crashing it!

Fist off this doesn’t look like his car and he doesn’t seem like he knows how to control it well (at all). He was just driving along talking about it when all of a sudden he puts his foot down. He did it at the worst time, he was coming up on a turn and was still gaining speed when most drivers would be slowing down. He comes through a somewhat hard turn at over 80MPH. It’s not a supercar it’s a huge 4 door car full off people. But that’s not the worst part, everyone can rip a turn fast and slide out a little we all do it. He made a poor decision to do it on a very crowded street and almost ended up hitting multiple cars and a bus full of people. He’s lucky the car is so well built and has such good handling, if it wasn’t for that he would have caused a serious crash due to his complete lack of skill and respect for the car! This is not a car you went to crash with a  price tag that can be well over $100,000! The 600+HP CTSv was just too much for him to control…

2000HP CTS-V Sets The New Record At 181MPH, And Is Also The First Ever CTSV In The 7s!

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