Who Drives A Camaro On The BEACH!? This Is What Happens!


Are you kidding!? This guy thought he could back his Camaro into the ocean to unload a jet ski! How in the hell did he think this would work!?!?!


This Camaro owner is in deep! Literally! His Camaro is sitting on the beach completely buried down to the body. Salt water waves are rolling in and we all know what that leads to. The Camaro is so stuck that the jeep hooked up to it can’t even budge it from its beached¬†position. The Camaro owner and his friends are scrambling to try and get the poor car out of the water. Nothing seems to help and the video ends without us knowing the fate of this poor car. But really, how in the WORLD did he think driving a rear wheel drive heavy car into wet sand would ever end up ok!? Let us know what you think of this guy in the comments below!

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