C6z Spins Out Trying To Show Off Almost Nails An Oncoming Car!

Corvette spins out and the Viper GTS almost does the same!

Corvette C6 Z06 almost spins out right into a CRV as it leaves a car meet. A mix of lack of skill and eagerness to show off is always a bad combo and this driver learned hat the hard way like most do. He must have been scared to death as he spun not knowing when it was gonna stop or how. That LS7 can put down some power and if you don’t do it right she will toss you into oncoming traffic. A stock LS7 will put down near 500HP so a modded one like this can be well past 600 with little work!

Corvette Spins Out, Hits Truck, Then Flees the Scene!


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