Bugatti Veyron vs. New LaFerrari! Supercar DIG Race!

Two Supercar kings battle it out on an airstrip to see who’s faster! The Bugatti has more power but the LaFerrari weighs less… who will win!

When it comes to Supercars, these two are well known leaders in their industry. The Bugatti has always been known for its massive amounts of power (1001hp) and STEEP price of over $2,000,000. The LaFerrari which is rather new, has unreal aerodynamics, is extremely light weight, and has 950hp. Both cars are dreamy in their own ways, but which is faster? Well Schmee has brought us a front row seat to them racing. The conditions of the track are a little wet, giving the AWD Bugatti a huge advantage, but the LaFerrari has a better power to weight ratio…. WHO will win?


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