Brilliant Helicopter Pilot Steals Water From Swimming Pool!

Fires spread quickly, and when there was other people’s houses on the line, this last ditch effort had to be done! Helicopter pilot of the year!

Some people are always there to help anyone in need, and this awesome helicopter pilot did just that! What you’ll read below are the details retrieved by the neighbor of the swimming pool owner. It’s a pretty cool story about how this Pilot did whatever he had to do to save some people’s homes!

The Youtube video description read: “The pilot¬†was returning to the airfield from another bushfire when he saw the initial smoke column. He took the initiative to land and start the attack on his own since the fire was so close to houses. He made about 25 refills at the swimming pool, and this bucket carries about 600 liters, if I remember correctly. The swimming pool level lowered not even 40 cm after the mission. The helicopter left when the first firetruck arrived, the fire having already been extinguished.

I’m not the owner of the swimming pool, I just live next door :). The pilot told me that the owner is entitled to compensation for damages or lost water if he files a complaint with the Civil Defense, which my neighbor didn’t, AFAIK. He explained that filling at swimming pools is only done as a last resort (but not illegal in Portugal) because of the risks involved (children playing, damage to property, flying debris such as garden furniture, etc), but he did so on this case because there were houses in danger and the water source was so convenient”.


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