Already in the 9’s! The New ZL1 is a Beast!

Just out and already in the 9’s with only 60 miles on the odometer!

The new ten speed Zl1’s have only been out for a few weeks, and they have already hit the 9’s! The new Zl1 comes with a ten-speed transmission that has been developed by Chevy and Ford together. The new ten speed is supposed to be insanely fast and almost supercar-like. To put the time into perspective the fastest c7 Z06 (with stock supercharger) runs in the low 9’s and makes 1000HP+! They call it the “Frostbite” Zl1, and we expect to see it in the low 9’s before long! We don’t know what’s done to it other than the 100 shot of nitrous, but it sounds somewhat stock. To top it off the car only has 60 miles on it!

Roll Race! C7 Z06 Vs 2017 ZL1!

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 7.27.52 PM

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