900HP “NO LIFT” EVO! This Car is ROWDY!


This Evo screams down the track and she gives the driver one hell of a fight!

The owner claims it’s a show car but this Evo can get down! The car runs a 2.0L motor with a 6766 Precision Turbo and a dog box transmission. It makes over 900hp and you can tell this Evo can barely stay stuck to the track. It may be AWD but it’s doing its best to smoke the tires. As the car sways left and right down the track, very aggressively for the speeds it’s going, it’s hard not to cringe and expect it to go into a spin. Even though the car gets so rowdy the driver stays in it and gets the win on most of his runs. On the last run of the video the Evo just gets to far out of control and he’s forced to lift! This car is insane! Share your thoughts on the “NO LIFT” Evo in the comments below!



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