8s 2JZ 240 Runs A CBR1000 And Has A Hard Time Keeping Up!

2JZ 240sx with 900Hp runs on the street with a CBR1000

900Hp 240SX runs a CBR1000 on the street and gets put in its place. The car may trap 158mph but the bike just doesn’t care and walks away from it both runs.  That 240sx is fast but bikes are just on a different level of fast, most cars under 1k Hp wont think twice and know they can’t keep up with a bike especially if it has some mods. Most bike guys seem to think it’s a fair race and try to run cars all day… At the end of the day any 1 liter bike will take on almost any car!

 CBR1000 Street Bike Receives an Unexpected Surprise!


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