$5,000 Street Race! LSX RX-7 Takes On GTR!

$5000 Grudge race! LSX vs. R35!

Two crazy cars hit the street to go head to head. It’s no secret that this is our favorite type of video because it testes the drivers and the cars in a way a drag strip can’t. You hit it from a roll, and the faster car will win. A 1500HP (2000HP capable) GTR is something every car should be scared of. They are known to be incredibly consistent and almost never have traction problems. The RX7, on the other hand, is a wild card, it weighs 1000 pounds less and has a turbo LSX 427 making 1050WHP. They line up with $5,000 on the line. The GTR doesn’t miss a beat and gets out on the RX7 and proceeds to put busses on him!

Honda Hatch Takes On A GTR In An Awesome Dig Race!

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