2017 Raptor On The Dyno! How Will It Do With The Ecoboost?!

Ok no more crying about the new Ecoboost Raptor it’s here and it makes great power!

2017 Raptor on the dyno! On paper, it makes great power it makes 365 hrs power and 422 torque is nothing to laugh at. But it is just a 3.5L TT V6  Ecoboost but no matter how much power it makes it will never have that sound that deep loud roar you get from an N/A 6.2L V8. That being said it makes almost 40 more horse power and almost 80 lb-ft! With those number, you would think the V8 is dead and people that still want them are just crazy and wrong or living in the past.

2168HP Truck Blows Up On The Dyno!


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