2000HP CTS-V Sets The New Record At 181MPH, And Is Also The First Ever CTSV In The 7s!

Jerry Groves set a new CTS-V world record with and astonishing 7.65 at 181!

The V platform has come a long way and Jerry is a pioneer when it comes to CTSV drag racing! On this pass, the car was putting down over 2000hp running the 1/4 in 7.65 at 181 MPH! He was moving out on that pass and making some of the best noises a car can make! Those twin turbos sound delicious as they build boost! This car isn’t just fast for a CTSV this car is fast period some of the most race proven chassis don’t even run times like this!


GT-R Maxes Out Dyno at 2000HP!


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