1600HP MK3! AKA “The Great White”

This MK3 is no joke! MK4s aren’t the only fast supras!

People always sleep on the MK3s! Not this one this is “The Great White” and it has 1489WHP and eats MK4s! The fast MK3 supras might not be as common as the “newer” MK4s but when done right they can hurt some feelings! This 1984 supra has what he said everything done, it has a fully built 3.2l engine and it’s been running for over two years! It has what supra guys call the 1.5J, it’s a 2JZ bottom end with a 1JZ head.

This Supra is F$*#ing INSANE! If you like Supras, Get in Here!

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 7.09.13 PM

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