11 Year Old Kid Driving Through Drive Thru Prank!


“You sure you’re old enough to be driving!?” Ya… I have migit-simonia… Lmao, this little kid does this prank like a boss!

This prank is down right hilarious. The little bro participating it makes it even better. He can barely see over the wheel, and barely reach the pedals but he’s all about pranking these drive thru employees. Drive thru employees are known for having hilarious reactions to prank videos, and this is the perfect place to let this kid drive. They all must wonder if there’s a young kid on the other side of the order screen when they take his order, but when they see him, they all react the same! “Are you OLD enough to drive!?!?” The kid simply responds calmly to each and every one of them saying he is actually 18 and has a disease, then uses some made up name for it. The drive thru employees have no choice but to give him some food and let him go 🙂



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