10 Second Nitrous LS1 Powered RX7! The “NOROTOR!”


A badass import with a nice big nitrous fed V8! Looks and sounds amazing, and isn’t afraid to tear it up at the track.



We’ve seen quite a few RX7s over the days and a lot of them have swapped to bigger non-rotor motors. This RX7 has a 5.7L LS1 V8 that sounds vicious! The car uses a 150 shot of nitrous and is able to get down the 1/4 track in 10 seconds! Its fastest pass to date is a 10.8 at around 130mph. The RX7 is a beautiful white color that the owner created. It looks to be a very practical race car as well. It’s setup for the street and track, looks clean and you could probably daily drive it if need be. What an awesome car and great video by 1320video! If you had an RX7 what motor would you put in it? Comment below!




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